Airstream Remodel (Part 5) – Cushions and a Bed

The old cusions were not quite the right size in any direction for the new dinette, so I consulted with friends who had done their own trailers, and ordered new cushions from The nice thing about this store is you can enter your exact dimentions and they will cut them to size, unlike some places that sell them like sheet goods. On my friends advice I bought hard foam seats, with a 1 inch layer of soft foam on top, and medium foam for the seat backs.

I carefully unwrapped the bundle and it sucked in a bunch of air and slowly started inflating itself – it was pretty weird!

There we go!

But when layed out flat they are tighter than I would like. I am going to need a little more room once they have batting and fabric on them.

Whipping out my handy-dandy vintage electric turkey carving knife, I lined up the edge of the bench underneith and a guide board on top, and slowly, carefully, trimmed a little off of each seat cushion.

And that gave me just enough room for them to lay flat and have a little extra space around them.

Much better. I think these are ready to go to the seamstress for covers now. I also took her a couple small throw pillows from the fabric store to cover to match the new cushions. I’m super excited to see how they all look!

Meanwhile, I think you can see what looks like a matress peeking in on the right. I was getting ready to go buy a double foam matress at Walmart to cut to size when I saw a post on my Airstream Club forum from someone selling (for cheap) the original matress from their 16ft Airstream. That caught my eye because I know the 16s have their matress in the end of the trailer, so it has two curved corners, which is just what I needed. We drove to Salem, Oregon and snapped that up. Brought it home, dropped it in place and …

Well, that is almost perfect! Let me get my handy-dandy vintage electric turkey carving knife…

Perfect! This looks ugly, but it will all be hidden under the bedding.

I made a lift-up center section to access the storage underneath, using the original table as a pattern.

I have a couple gas struts to fit on this to hold it open while we rummage around in storage. Im saving that for when the big stuff is all done. Getting close!

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