Airstream Remodel – (Part 4) The Table

My Wilsonart ‘Betty’ Laminate finally arrived, in a box as tall as me!

Grateful for my Mobile Workshop pieces, I laid my table saw, bench, and router table out to make a flat area big enough for the laminate to unroll and relax a bit.

First step is to cut this down to something approximately the size of the table, with a little extra on each side, which will be cut off with the trim router later.

I clamped a couple boards down to hold it still, and give my jigsaw something to ride on. I put a new blade in my jigsaw and carefully cut it. A few chips flew off here and there, but because of the excess this was not a big issue.

I put everything inside the house for a few days so it could warm up, because the contact cement warned it needed to be applied at over 50 degrees. Luckily we got a warm, if rainy, day a few days later, so I set up a sawhorse table in front of the garage (under the porch cover) for the table, and set the old trailer table on the table saw, covered in paper to protect it, and put the laminate on there. While wearing a repirator I applied the very stinky contact cement liberally to both the laminate and the table, rolling it out, and then set back and waited for it to get tacky.

No pictures of the next part, because I had my hands full, but I was able to apply it just like the instructions I had seen online, but putting dowels on the tabletop, centering the laminate, and then removing the dowels and pushing it down. Then I rolled the heck out of it with a laminate roller. Then I used a flush trim bit in my trim router and cut off the excess.


I filed the edges of the limoleum to make sure they would be easy on our hands and sanded the plywood edge of the table until is was silky smooth, and then finished it with a clear protective finish. I like the look of the bare plys.

After that all I needed to do was attach the old leg and mounting strip from the original table, and sand and refinish the mount that held the table to the wall. I’m reusing all the hardware from the original table to save some $$$, and it’s all good hardware, so why buy new? I installed the mount, with Dave’s help to get everything level, and… golly, I have a new table! This is such a big step forward, I’m starting to think this project is really going to turn out ok!

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