Woodsmiths Cutoff Bin

More woodshop organization. I was considering building Steve Ramsay’s Mobile Lumber Bin, but it is pretty big, and my shop is pretty small. I needed to do something soon, because all my projects were resulting in a precarious stack of wood scraps that slid all over everytime I tried to gingerly pick out a piece for a quicky project.

This whole corner is a bit of a disaster.

Someone in the Weekend Woodworker group showed their build of the Woodsmith’s Mobile Cutoff Bin, and that looked just my size! Much smaller, but still plenty of room to hold the little scrappy bits I have kicking around.

So I bought a couple full sheets of plywood, and some conduit pipes from the front, and got after it. First Dave had to help me break things down to their approximate sizes using the circular saw and a straight edge, leaving me with a pile of pieces to cut to their final size on the table saw.

One challenge was that I did not account for the blade width between the boards and that resulted in me doing some bad math that ended with needing to dig through my scrap pile for a bit extra to glue onto one of the inner dividers, but it was no big deal. Good lesson though.

I bought a forstner bit for my drill press to ensure I got these holes nice and straight, and drilled through them together to be sure they matched up.

I was quite impressed when this started coming all together! I measured the length I needed for the pipes and cut them off with the jigsaw, and used the forstner bit to make little indnts in the boards on either end for them to fit into so everything was snug and the pipes were secure, and it all fit perfectly.

I had one more set of heavy duty casters waiting for this project. And this thing is HEAVY!

And it is absolutely perfect for my space, and my slidey-lumber-pile is under control! And it’s so easy to find what I’m looking for without causing a lumber-avalanch! I’m very pleased with this.

The plans are free on the Woodsmith site, along with a helpful step by step video. I’d say this is a winner!

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