Kitchen drawer dividers

This was just a tiny project to try and organize the kitchen a bit. The silverware drawer is shallow, so I built dividers for it to replace the ill-filling silverware tray that was in there.

This was a little tricky because the bottom of the drawer was sagging a bit, it was only made of 1/8″ plywood and it is all original, and The Rancho is 50 years old! I added a piece of 1/4 plywood, and that made a nice bottom that the dividers could sit flat against.

This project was the first step in an ongoing kitchen remodel. Next I plan to make a two level divider for the bigger drawer with ladles and spatulas, and a sliding upper tray for the smaller items that live in that drawer. Eventually I’ll be redoing the countertops and doing a light refinishing of the cabinets, but I love the dark woodgrain of the cabinets as they are. I just want to add some color to brighten the place up and make it pop a little.

Anyway, I have lots of plans, and the ability to do them at my own pace, because I don’t think we are going anywhere soon.

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