Vacuum Cart

My table saw is great at cutting wood, and even better at carpeting my garage in wood chips and sawdust. So adding some dust catching moved up on my list. I have a little shop vac which has been working fine, but it does get clogged up sucking up all the dust. So I needed some sort of dust separation to help it work better.

My woodworking group recommended this video on youtube by Chris Notap, where he builds a clever cyclonic dust separator system from parts available cheaply at the hardware store.

I assembled it and tested it out, and it worked great! Just as advertised!

So now I had buckets and hoses and a tiny vacuum, and it was sudden chaos in my tiny space! These things needed to be organized somehow. I searched my woodworking group and found instructions for a vacuum cart. My dimentions were going to be a little different because they had a bigger shop vac. So I adjusted them, cut everything out, put it all together in one long evening of work, puzzling over how to clamp things together so I could do it by myself, and in the end…

It rolls around easily, keeps the hoses under control, and has a fold down flap in front for removing the vacuum. I realized I needed that at the last minute, and by some miracle, I had all the hardware in my junk drawer!

When I got done I vacuumed up all the sawdust I had made, and the inside of the vacuum was clean, and the inside of the bucket…

Exactly as intended!

The next addition is an electrical switch which allows you to plug in your tool, then soft starts the vacuum a few seconds after the tool starts, and stops the vacuum a few seconds after the tool stops. This way you can get all the dust, while not having to turn it on individually every time.

I’m really happy with how all my mobile tools are working out. It makes for a very flexible workspace.

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