My Extra Fancy Paper Tray

The next project in my woodworking class was to make a papertray. Not because it’s cheaper to make a papertray than to buy one (it isn’t) but to learn a bit about precision by building something small that you will handle up close and notice the details, and to learn to use the table saw in a variety of ways.

I really like being able to shove my mobile tools around to the most useful places as I work.

The teacher recommended making the first one out of pine, which was a good idea, because I put the rabbets on the wrong sides of the tray, and it was almost square when assembled, and not big enough to hold a sheet of paper. Oops. I turned it into a drawer on my mobile bench, to hold my safety gear.

The second one was made out of Oak, and I was very careful with it. I still managed to have a litte gap to fill with wood putty, but overall I’d say it was a success. I’m definitly more comfortable with the table saw now.

For the paperweight I did a transfer from the inkjet printer of a line drawing of my trailer. It actually worked pretty well. Here’s how you do that.

And that’s it. I put a coat of laquer on the tray and paperweight, and it really looked nice when I got done. The ink didn’t react with the laquer, and everything is good. On to the next assignment.

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