Just a month or so ago my shop looked like this, and getting to my bench required crawling over stuff including the tongue of the boat trailer, tripping over boxes for my husband’s toy business. Once I got to the bench, there was barely room to do anything.

2019-11-17 20.25.14

But then I decided to overhaul the Mustang, and I sold my boat (without ever getting it in the water! That’s the 3rd boat I’ve sold without ever using it!), we installed new LED lighting in the garage to brighten things up, and my husband cleaned up his stuff in the garage and re-organized. Then I unexpectedly sold the Mustang. Suddenly I had an empty, clean, well-lit garage.

I decided that now I have a garage back, I wanted to do some woodworking. Quite a few years ago I used to do scrollsaw work and intarsia and woodburning, and I wanted to do more. I like building things. Someday I’d like to build a new vanity for the bathroom, and do new countertops in the kitchen.

This spring I built this potting table to put on the patio and organize my gardening supplies. I found the plan on https://www.ana-white.com/woodworking-projects/simple-2×4-potting-bench

2020-07-03 15.40.39

So that really lit up my desire to build more things. For a long time I have had my eye on Steve Ramsey on Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/stevinmarin and his Wood Working for Mere Mortals channel. So I finally signed up for his online woodworking class – The Weekend Woodworker – https://theweekendwoodworker.com/introduction/

2020-08-21 22.39.49

The first project was to build this neat little rolling bench, which has been awesome! He includes project plans and how-to videos and videos on each skill and tool, and safety videos. It went together just as expected, except I chose not to install shelves because my old miter saw is so big it took up the whole bottom shelf by itself. Even though I already have two benches, having one I can move around has been really useful!

2020-08-29 23.44.43

Second project was this little patio sidetable. Each project builds on skills and introduces new skills. I’m really having fun, and I can’t wait for my next project. We are all still trapped at home during the pandemic, so it’s nice to have projects to work on. And my garage is so clean and roomy now. I’ve sorted through a lot of things I don’t need, some of which I’ve had saved for years and never needed.

I guess I am a minimalist. All the things I get rid of take a weight off of me. Although I loved the Mustang, we joked that it was my albatross, a la the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, and I was cursed to have it forever hanging around my neck. I couldn’t go forward and I couldn’t go back. It was so heavy, with the weight of being ‘my first car’, and the story that goes with it, one of the best stories a classic car can have! Now I have shook it off, and released myself from it. I have my garage space back, and I can do creative things of my choosing, and I am really loving it!

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