Goodbye Johnny!


For the last few years I have been trying to sell my 74 Mustang Mach I, Johnny. My first car, which I hunted down and bought back 12 years after I sold it (Bought it in 87, sold it in 93, bought it back in 2005). My original goal was to fix it up and enjoy it, but I do not enjoy working on cars like I did 15 years ago (Dave argues I NEVER enjoyed it that much). So once I got it running, and it is an actual, drivable car, so hopefully safe from ending up abandoned in a junkyard, I have been trying to sell it. Every summer I try, people look at it, nobody wants to pull the trigger, and I’d fix up a few more things to make it better.

This year I again listed it for sale, and again got some interest but nobody wanted to deal with the engine problem, low compression on one cylinder. It needed a top-end rebuild. I could do it, I’d done it before, but I really didn’t want to. But since nobody else wanted to tackle it, I decided to make the commitment. I put my boat up for sale to make room in the garage, and someone snapped it up within a day (I guess I should have asked for more $$$). Now there was room in the garage, and I could tear the Mustang apart.


I was ready to pull the heads when someone on the Mustang II forum said they were looking for a nice fastback with a 302, and I thought about it for a bit, and wrote to them and told them I had a nice one, and they could have it and ship it home to CA for under budget. They were not afraid to do the work on it. A deal was struck.


He sent an inspector, and we used an online Escrow service, which was new for me. When it passed inspection he sent a transporter to pick it up. I had to say goodbye to the Mustang my Grandpa picked out for me. The interior I had put together, even the wheels I had hand painted.


So much nostalgia to that car, but now it is off on it’s next adventure to it’s excited next owner, and that’s ok too. We are only caretakers for the cars that go through our hands, we have to hope the next owner takes care of them too, or at least has a lot of fun with them.

2020-08-11 11.52.23

I packed that car full of all the spare parts and bits I had kicking around, and when I got done I kept a spare pony emblem, and the housing for the original mirror which had been replaced. I put those together and made a memento to keep on my shelf. A little something to remember my unique yellow gold Mustang by.

2020-08-17 16.35.00

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