Explore Washington Vacation – Day 2 – Seattle

So our plans for this day were to hit the Seattle Zoo, which we have never been to, and Seattle Center again, and just see how much time we had to burn.

The zoo was awesome! We love visiting zoos, and this one had really nice habitats, in fact sometimes it was hard to see where the boundaries of the habitats were. The animals seemed very relaxed. It rained on us a bit, but it was still a super nice visit.

THIS GUY was completely nuts! His picture is blurry because he could not sit still. He was running around, flying, flapping past us, climbing the walls, sittin on the bench, basically just all over the place. Fun bird to watch! And he was big, like a chicken. Busy bird!

I’m not even sure this owl was part of the Zoo. He was hanging out by some bird feeders watching the little birds that were cleaning up the seeds on the ground.

This guy was the odd man out at the party!

By afternoon we had seen the whole view and headed out in search of pizza. We tried a place that had great Yelp ratings near the zoo, but it was too foo-foo. We drove on into town and parked near the Space Needle, and found a good pizza joint a block or so away. Here is the view from where we parked. This will be more relevant in a moment…

 We stopped to snap a pic of the SN from the same point of view as the picture I took a couple years ago.

We debated quite a bit about going up in it. Number one – it’s really tall! That’s a long ways up! Number two – it was kind of expensive for just an elevator ride and a view.

Hey, I can see our car from up here! The silver Flex right in front of the black wall. And what the heck is on top of that building?

Had someone snap our picture. First time up for me!

We stayed up there watching the sun set and the ferries come and go until it was too cold, then headed back down.

Next tourist destination – ride the MONORAIL! Why? Because it’s a MONORAIL! You don’t need a reason!


Back to the view from in front of the museum. We waited to see the monorail go by and get a shot of that before we called it a night.


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