Explore Washington Vacation – Day 3 – The Beaches

On Day Three we left the trailer safely parked at LYH and headed for the Washington coast. For MANY years I have wnated to visit Kalaloch after seeing it in a Sunset Magazine, and we were finally getting around to heading there. We had been close, but it is just so far up the coast, we had never quite made the trip.

The trip is actually pretty boring. From Grays Harbor Highway 101 actually goes inland and stays there, so it’s just a long drive through mostly forestry land. We did stop for a quick look at a cool lake mid-morning.

We were also tempted by signs leading us to this ‘biggest tree’. Pretty damned big, indeed.

Finally we got what we were coming for – Kalaloch, and a view of the ocean.

We stopped and had lunch at the fancy lodge, but when we tried to get the price for a room no one could tell us up front how much it was, and suggested we look online, which seemed odd. So we decided to head on up the road and see whatever else there was to see.

Up the road was Beach 4. A long trail led down from the parking lot, to a strange striated pile of rocks you had to climb down to get to the beach. Luckily there was a sign to explain everything!

 We continued on to another ‘biggest tree’. Cedar, I think. It was big, and bits were falling off of it. We spent a bit of time photographing the ‘Mulder’ head there. Here’s Dave holding it at the bottom of the tree. Big tree!

Continuing on, we went to Ruby Beach. We got there a while before sunset, and I wanted to be sure and get some sunset shots, so we parked the car with a view and took a nap. It was worth waiting for!

When the sun was down we finally left, and headed to Forks. It was dark by the time we got there, so here’s a pic the next morning. We found this nice hotel off the main road. It actually had a suite, and for pretty cheap too. And the nice lady at the front desk steered us to a good restaurant in town.

Not bad. It was the first time I think that we took the trailer on vacation and left it somewhere while we went exploring and stayed in a hotel!

One more day…

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