Explore Washington Vacation – Day one – Centralia

In November we had our big vacation planned for Yosemite. I had figured out where we could stay, where the best spots in the campground were, and reserved them way back in May or something. Then, just as we’re ready to go, word comes in that an early snowstorm is blowing in! After much debate we decided to cancel our trip South and stay closer to home, rather than end up snowed in at Yosemite.

So we headed North instead. Only makes sense right? Snows coming in, so you head North to get away from it! Well, in this case, we were just heading up to Seattle. We figured we could camp at Land Yacht Harbor, explore Seattle, and then take a day to go circle the Olympics.

It was a lousy grey day, as expected for mid-November.

We stopped in Centralia to begin with. There is a nice McMinamins Pub there for lunch.

Dave at lunch.

And the Fox theater, which we once toyed with the idea of buying and restoring. It would have destroyed us! So glad we passed on that adventure. Someone else has been fixing it up and it looks pretty nice on the outside, and they are holding performances so it must be pretty good inside too.

Well, back to the trailer, and head up to LYH. That is always a nice safe place to leave the trailer while we explore. I believe that evening we ‘explored’ our favorite steak house and may have located a casino that needed exploring as well.

Street parking in Centralia. I love that little trailer, it’s so damn cute!

To be continued…

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