Horseshoe Lake (Woodland)


Dave and I packed some snacks, grabbed the kayak, and headed up to Horseshoe Lake in Woodland. We got going a little late, so we stopped and grabbed lunch to eat on the water. After we launched we paddled down past the fancy homes on the shore and found a peaceful shady spot to park and eat and have a little rest, watching the world go by.

Eventually we paddled over to the outside of the horseshoe bend and there were all these old tree stumps or dock pilings sticking up out of the water, so we tied the kayak to one and I enjoyed a little fishing while Dave worked on his script.


The pilings all had these otherworldly globs of something growing on them. They were cool but freaky looking.


I had my usual luck fishing…


A good time was had by all.

No pictures of the following weekend, but Dave launched me at Lacamas while he went to a theater event. My phone camera doesn’t work, so no pics, but I had a lovely time fishing with the help of my new anchor trolley. This allows me to anchor the kayak and move the anchor point to the bow or stern, so when I get the hang of it I should be able to point the kayak in the direction I want and keep it there, until the wind shifts anyway.

Also on that same adventure we got to Lacamas, unpacked, and realized we had forgotten the paddles! Luckily there is a vendor there renting kayaks, and they rented me a paddle for $5, which saved the day, because there was no time for Dave to go get the paddle and still make his theater event. When I got home I decided I would rig our new kayak cart n the garage to hold the paddles so we wouldn’t forget them again (they were hanging on the wall before), then I looked at the kayak and had a realization – and just set them inside the kayak – duh! We will have to move them to load it, so that should solve the problem.



TFM Promo Pics

Dave is directing the next play at Magenta Theater, Talent for Murder, and I am his assistant director. I also am the photographer for promotional pictures. Last night we had our photo shoot with the cast. On the way to the theater Dave and I were brainstorming ideas of what sort of shots to take. They need to be interesting and have some action in them, and hopefully if someone sees the picture in the paper it will catch their eye and capture their interest.

The play is about a rich old woman and her scheming children who are trying to split up the estate and get their inheritance before she’s gone.

Dave wrangles the whole cast together and gives them the plan.

And, many shots later…

Then we had a little fun with the ‘kids’ fighting over the treasures

And with the ‘scheming’ angle…

So this was a pretty fun shoot, and I think we got some good shots. Hopefully they’ll end up in the paper and get us a little publicity!



Our theater company is doing a one-night-only staged reading o the play Doubt, and they asked me to come photograph it. This turned out to be more challenging than I expected, because the lighting wasn’t particularly bright, and everyone was wearing black against a black background (it was a minimalist set). But my new understanding of camera settings allowed me to compensate pretty well. The only thing I didn’t understand was why the black robes came out looking red/brown.

I am usually pretty reluctant to move around too much because I don’t want to disturb the actors (this was a final dress rehearsal), but I moved around the theater during the performance and tried getting shots from different angles, just for fun and visual interest.

I took almost all the pictures at 1/25 sec exposure, f8 for good depth of field, and ISO 1600. This allowed me to get many good shots, with a few discarded for being blurry. I took about 450 shots! Trying to make sure I got a few good ones in there.

Of course my favorite shots were ones that weren’t part of the play. Like the Director, Matt, onstage before the play while they were practicing lighting cues.

And one of the actors, Tony, came out and found himself left hanging because the actress who was supposed to be out there was having a costume problem off stage, so he was stuck waiting a few minutes while trying to stay in character.

I like this shot with the lights above.


Pictures around town

Yesterday was a lovely sunny afternoon, and we were downtown so Dave could do a skit at the theater for an Art-Walk type event that was going on. I hung around the theater a bit, and then went over to the park in downtown Vancouver,WA (Esther Short Park) and took pictures around there.

My main goal was experimenting with my camera,  taking all my pictures in manual mode and playing with aperture and exposure times.

First we had to get into town, since we live way out in the boonies…

I’m not sure what this sign was for, but I liked the color!

This is the clocktower in the park. I was trying to get a picture of it with flowers in the foreground, and have good focus across the whole picture. I felt a little weird squatting behind a big flowerpot trying to make that happen, and I felt a little nervous because people kept looking at me funny.

The moon was up, but this was the best shot I could get. If I had been willing to climb into the bushes for a minute, I could have lined it up so it looked like the fish was eating it, but I decided I was attracting enough attention as it was.

Different angle on the tower…

I liked the texture of the pavement under this leaf

This is one of the tallest buildings in downtown Vancouver. It’s a home for low-income seniors. My uncle lives there. It was built specifically for that purpose, and those guys have the best view in town because it overlooks the river and the I5 bridge!

Back at the theater, I got this shot of one of the actors waiting to go onstage. High ISO, and a long exposure because it was so dim. I like the shot, even with a little motion blur.

The skit they were doing was a silly little thing full of puns and sight gags. It was about a 15 minute show, and they did it every half hour for 3 hours! It was like a little marathon! That’s my handsome hubby holding the paper up 🙂

Then came the curtain call. This was another tricky shot to get because of the low light. I have to say though, I’m much happier with the quality of picture this camera can do with high ISO settings. That’s a big difference between it and my old Powershot, which had terrible picture quality if you bumped up the ISO.

On the way home I played with long (3 second) exposures (I wasn’t driving), and discovered that if I took them as we passed under the intersection signals I got really cool rays of light. This was my favorite of that bunch.

So that was my fun afternoon with my camera. Every picture taken in Manual mode after carefully considering what settings I wanted to use based on the light, and what I was going for. It was a great learning experience! Of course I took about a hundred pictures, and these were my favorites. I’m so grateful for digital!

Enchanted April

I went to the theater today to take pictures of the play they are working on – Enchanted April. It’s a very sweet little play about a couple ladies who run away for a vacation to Italy to get away from their dreary lives and husbands, and end up finding their way back to them.

Most of the people in the play are our friends or at least people we’ve worked with before. My hubby was in charge of the set building. The first act is pretty simple, and black curtains on the back wall hide the second act set – an Italian courtyard with columns, pergolas, flowers, and a lovely mural one of our talented artists painted. Dave and I spent a lot of time (ok, mostly Dave, but I helped a few days) getting those columns mounted securely. It’s nice to see it all done and being used.

I took pictures with my camera, but I’m still figuring it out, and I had some problems getting the exposure and color balance right. So I gave Dave my old camera to use and he took pictures at the same time. We ended up snapping about 1000 pictures between the two of us and whittled it down to under 200, and of those he only used about a dozen for the promo materials. Thank goodness for digital!

Dave has an upcoming play where he needed to have red hair, so he went ahead and had it colored – talk about a change! I should do a blog post of the ‘many faces of Dave’, he’s always changing his looks for whatever play he’s in!


Over the River…

The theater company we belong to, Magenta Theater  is doing a performance of Over The River and Through the Woods, a family comedy about a guy seeking to move far away from his overly-attentive grandparents. It’s a very cute and touching show, and I got to go take pictures for the publicity photo. I love taking pictures of plays. Dave sorted through the 250 pictures I took and selected a few to make this nice collage to go out with the publicity notices.