Cheese Cutting Boards

I took off on a little tangent from my woodworking class to try something different. Cutting boards – or at least little Cheese Cutting Boards! I found the hardware on Etsy, and they came with dimentions for the boards. I had bought a set of hardwoods for cutting boards on Amazon a few months ago. Time to make some cutting boards!

I decided to go with a ‘Hood Stripe’ type pattern, as I knew I wanted to give one to friends who are into classic cars. I ripped the pieces down to the widths I needed on the tablesaw.

Clampy clamp clamp!

These are Maple, Walnut, Cherry. Lots of clamps and then also clamped them between boards covered in plastic wrap (so they wouldn’t get glued together) to try and keep the whole thing flat.

I sanded it until it was buttery smooth and then rounded over the edges on the router.

I dipped it in Mineral Oil and let it soak in for a while, then attached the hardware. Because the pieces of wood were sized for full size cutting boards I trimmed off the edge, which left me with a nice little matching paperweight. I put little rubber feet on the cutting board and paperweight. What a cute little set!

But, I thought I could do better, so I flipped the colors around and did one more

So many clamps!

Same process, look at those colors pop! So pretty!

They came out really nice – one for me, one for my friends! Perfect!

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