Miter Saw Table

The next project in my woodworking class is a bench with many slats, all of which need to get cut on the miter saw. After the patio table I had realized how inconvenient it was to have to clean stuff off the mobile bench every time I need to use the saw on there. So before starting the bench, I wanted to build a miter saw table, on wheels so I could move it out of the way when not being used.

I saw people in the woodworking group building this one from It looked straightforward, and even though I couldn’t find the folding shelf brackets locally, I decided to pay the very reasonable $3 for the plans.

By Saturday night I had a decent table done. One important criteria was I wanted the saw height to match my existing mobile bench height.

By the end of the evening, after brainstorming ideas, I was sitting out on the floor next to my new bench, trying to figure out how to hold the wings open. I finally went inside and started watching videos for inspiration.

I had watched quite a few when I found Steve Ramsay’s shop remodel video, where he showed his miter saw table, which was similar, but had a simple hinged prop support for the side tables. Tah dah!

The props were made of scrap wood, so the are a little short, but they work, and they are solid. I’m happy with the solution. Now I’m finally ready to get to work on the bench!

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