My little pony goes to a car show

I’ve been trying to sell the money pit, I mean Mustang, all summer (I kid because I love). Unfortunately people were not interested with the remaining issues, so I threw a bit more money in the pit and got a travelling mechanic to come fix a couple big ones – the failed neutral safety switch, and the carb adjustment that was causing it to not stay running. The carb issue turned out to be an air gap one the carb spacer. The old gasket blocked it, and when the paper gasket blew out, the location was not easily seen, and working on carbs is not my favorite thing to begin with.

So that got it running, and I took it to a cars & coffee to meet the local car folks.

Then I got busy and didn’t do much with it all summer. I did continue to try to sell it, but I think interest was limited because it has a burnt valve on one cylinder.

We have a car show coming up at work next week, so that got me in a car show mood. The local club had another show this weekend, and it supported a local police K9 unit, so I signed up.

It was a bit gloomy and misting rain this morning. The Mustang gave me no problems starting up and driving to the show.

I set up a note on my dash explaining how it was my first car, and put the sales brochure out too, opened to the Mach I page.

I was right across from the classic Mustangs.

There were so many nice cars there! Really nicely done classics and late-models. It was fun to see them all! Especially the hot rods!

This motor in a classic Cougar was awesome. I’d like my Mustang to look this nice someday. So clean!

I had a nice time visiting with other car owners. Some who built their own cars. I got some ideas for making my mustang better. A friend from work dropped by.

K9 unit was there to answer questions.

I was the only person there in my class, which was mistakenly labeled 1973-1978. It should have been 1974, the 1973 Mustang is the same as the 71-72. Because I was the only Mustang II there lots of people came by to look at it and tell me about how someone they knew had one years ago, one guy even said he had never seen one in real life!

Since I was the only one in this class, I got my first trophy.

It was enough fun I feel like I should keep working on the Mustang this winter. It would be nice to show up for the next big Mustang show with some progress to show and talk about.

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