The Mailbox

As you can see from this pic of the front yard pre-remodel, the mailbox was a plan black box on a little wrought iron arm. It was black that had oxidized to grey, and had some surface rust, and the post had some rust too. It was also super wobbly and the mount was all rusty. I thought I would use the long Labor Day weekend to do something fun with it.

Disassembly took some time. Dave helped me Dremel off the rusty screws on the mount just to get it into the garage. I cleared off the spider nests and bent the door back into shape. I removed the handle and flag, and scraped off the old numbers, cleaned it and sanded it until everything was fairly smooth. It has a few dents and some marks where it looks like it was shot with BB pellets, and I considered bondo-ing those away, but decided it adds character (I’m pretty sure this is the original mailbox), and the weekend is short and I’d like to have this back up for the mail-lady on Tuesday.

I put my first three coats of ivory on it, and then let it dry as the can indicated, and masked it off for the next color, but discovered the 4 hours they said it needed to dry wasn’t an exact science. When I peeled off the masking, it took some of the ivory off with it, so I had to re-mask the blue and re-spray the ivory.

I left a border between blue and ivory on purpose for a silver accent stripe. I tried to apply it with a ‘silver paint pen’ but that did not work very well. I ended up trying to apply some spray silver I had by spraying it onto a plate and brushing it on with a foam brush I found.

I’m actually pretty happy with how it came out.

I also painted the post and the mounting pieces underneath and used all new hardware so it should be good for many more years to come. I still want to spray on one last gloss top coat, but I wanted to get it mounted in time for the mail tomorrow. I was going to spray it on the post, but there is ash currently raining down on us from fires in the Gorge, so I guess when that is over I will give it a finishing coat to protect it.

The next project will be trim and a cool mid-century paint treatment on the garage door. The Rancho is looking pretty snazzy out front. Next year we’ll have to work on the back.


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