The Front Yard

The front yard at Rancho Relaxo was a bit of a jungle.

The previous owner had planted a wall of photinias and spikey red bushes along the curb to keep the carny’s across the street at bay. He had also sprinkled in a few fruit trees, and a pine tree, and a circular rock planting bed which was all grown over in one corner. We had to cut back the limbs on the side where the neighbor’s driveway was so it wouldn’t brush his cars.

The front row had spilled out beyond the curb and onto the street, where Dave and I fought to cut them back so you could actually see the curb. They were a mess.

Looking into the yard from the house, you could barely see a little japanese maple snuggled under the big dogwood. Really you couldn’t see any of these just driving by.

It did do a good job of blocking the neighbors, but the bad neighbors left last year, and the new neighbors are nice folks with a nice neat house. Our yard was bringing down the neighborhood! So we invited a few landscapers over for estimates, and after considering doing it ourselves we decided we wanted it done right, so I handed over a sizable chunk of money, and the guys we picked did this:

We had them remove everything except the dogwood and the little maple (and a little bush that sits between them), trim them up and make a kidney-bean shape around them, and then put down new grass everywhere else. It is so nice! It took a couple weeks for the new grass to start growing from seed, and since it’s summer we’ve had to water it like crazy, but it’s looking good. We love the new view of the neighborhood and seeing our cute little house when we drive up instead of an unmanageable mess.


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