Snow day 2012

Yay! Snow!

We woke up to an unexpected dusting of snow. It’s funny how sometimes they know the storm is coming, and talk about it all week, and then nothing happens, and other times you don’t hear anything and just wake up to snow!

Barclay knows how to enjoy snow…



Our neighbors have been hard at work tearing down the rusty old barn.

It will be nice to see it go. It’s not a cool old barn, it’s just an eyesore, and I wouldn’t trust it to house a horse without falling in on them.

Handsome Barclay!

I don’t want you to think I only take pictures of Barclay, but Navi just doesn’t hold still. She is constantly orbiting around me. She never stops running…




And when I do try to get a nice picture of her dirty little face after digging a hole, she can’t sit still long enough for that either!

And..she’s out of here!

See ya later, suckers!


3 thoughts on “Snow day 2012

  1. I actually had one of the worst scares of my life when Barclay was a puppy, and I lost him in the snow while out checking on the sheep we had then. He had been following me, and when it was time to go in he was nowhere to be found. Here I'm standing in the snow looking at acres of white, and my little white puppy is nowhere to be found. I ended up going all over the property, even up and down the road looking for him, calling him, and suddenly he appeared out of the sheep stall. He must have been in there busy eating some sheep poop! So yes, you can lose them in the snow! 🙂


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