A day at the beach


Last weekend Dave and I dropped the pooches off to spend the day with the other eskimos, and we headed for the beach. I would have liked to have taken the dogs, but Navi still gets car-sick, and a whole day of driving around would have just been cruel!

Our first stop was to swing by the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinneville, OR, because I had heard they had a 747 parked on top of a building.



Yeah, that’s kind of hard to miss!



What they’ve done is build an indoor waterpark next to the main museum, parked a 747 on top of it, and run the waterslide tubes through it. I have to admit, that’s a pretty awesome thing to do!



We continued our trip to the beach, and it pretty much looked like this the whole way…



But finally we got to the beach





It was windy, and stormy, and I had the ISO turned up too high on my camera (I forgot to check my manual settings) so all my pictures came our grainy Sad smile



But I needed the high ISO when we went to the Newport Aquarium. They have one of those tanks where you walk through tubes underwater. Love it!



My favorite exhibit is the jellyfish. I wish I could have an aquarium of jellyfish. They may not be as interactive or personable as fish, but they sure are relaxing to watch. I’m sure they’re very tricky to care for.





Oregon Sunshine, huh?Smile Perhaps it’s more uplifting in summer!



On the walk back to the parking lot there’s a lovely view across the estuary.



We headed down to the waterfront to see the sea lions, but there were only these two lounging on the dock.




And this guy sitting way out on a rocky outcrop in the harbor



We had our usual lunch at the Chowder Bowl, to-go, and ate it in the car parked at the beach overlook so we could enjoy the view. Then we headed home. It was a lovely, refreshing, rainy day in Newport, Oregon!

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