Pit Bull Rescue Photo Day

I had a great time at my first photo session – taking portraits of dogs to benefit the pit bull rescue.

I was setup inside the Everyday Dog training center while the rescue had a BBQ going on outside, so it was nice and peaceful inside. Everyday Dog is where I take my dogs for training, so I felt right at home 🙂 I had made a PVC frame for the backdrop, and everything else was really portable anyway, so it was an easy setup. I started out with a few test shots of the owner Alison’s dog Figgy.

Some of the dogs were pretty nervous at the idea of being asked to sit still for a picture, and the lights, and being in a strange place. We only had a few customers, but I made everyone happy, so that’s what counts.

Getting two dogs to sit still without one being blurry was really challenging – but this was close enough!

This hyper black lab was another one that required a LOT Of shots to get one that wasn’t blurry – thank goodness for shooting in digital!

Once the time was pretty much up I invited the rescue folks to bring in their foster dogs for a shot so they could have them to use for publicity.

The last one, was there with her sister, who already had a home, so they wanted a picture of both of them together.

So that was my photography day. Lots of fun, great dogs, nice people, and a lot of challenges I hadn’t quite planned for – like taking pictures of two dogs, or dogs who didn’t like the stand and wanted to sit on the floor. In those cases I had a little trouble hiding the back light, and I didn’t have enough fabric to cover the floor or hide all the cords. Getting one more piece of that fabric to put on the floor would help.

Everyone was friendly and patient. The hardware all worked perfectly, I downloaded the pictures to the laptop, flipped through them with the owner looking for the best shot that they thought really captured their pet, printed it out on a 4×6, slipped it into a paper frame with a thank you sticker and my info on the back, and away they went. So it was a good experience and I learned a lot, and I can’t wait to do it again!


4 thoughts on “Pit Bull Rescue Photo Day

  1. I popped by the blog to see if you had anything up yet about the photo shoot and I was in luck ! Great job !! I hope that including your information leads to many great things =)


  2. Love the pictures. That last one is my absolute favorite, but I'm sure that's due to the fact that the charcoal pit reminds me so much of my Lucky girl when she was about 9 years younger.


  3. What an accomplishment! The photos turned out great for your first professional photo pet shoot. My fave is the B*tch pit bull, and that last one, though I think I would have moved in closer to get their adorable faces and not the distraction on the floor. The only other thing I might add is to move the focus in higher and closer because having the dog's privates in the photo is not only distracting, but for an excited male dog (ahem!), revealing their nether regions can truly backfire and end up being a Rated X photo! lol!

    Otherwise, you rocked it an caught some wonderful expressions!

    ps what was inside those last two dogs' little totes they were wearing?


  4. Ha ha, good point about the 'peepshow' 😉 Sometimes I wanted to get in closer but the folks wanted the whole dogs, so I tried to do what people wanted, even if the stuff on the floor was a bit distracting. At least I'll be ready for that next time.

    I think the little totes were doggie poop bag holders 🙂


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