Memorial Weekend Camping – Day 2

The next morning we all had a great breakfast together (I brought fresh eggs from our chickens) and afterwards someone had the brilliant idea to bring out a puzzle – which quickly became a community effort! I wasn’t too keen on puzzles, but I found a piece and then it was addictive, I had to hang around and find a few more.

The dogs spent most of the time with us on leash, but occasionally they had to hang out in the yard while we were at meals.

I distracted them by giving them chewies to work on while we were having meals.

After lunch Dave got into a card game.

Eventually the dogs got so comfortable in their yard they started wrestling and playing – it was nice they had enough room to run around a little bit off leash!

Our van, along with several other large tow vehicles, were recruited as ‘wind breaks’ to help shelter the gathering area from the chill winds that were blowing through pretty much all weekend. That actually worked pretty well, and when someone had to move a truck to drive into town, we really missed it!

This was Navi’s first camping trip, and she did great. We gave her dramamine before leaving, but she still threw up on the trip down. She was a bit nervous about all the attention, even though Barclay was setting a great example of how to schmooze people for treats and lovin’, so she went with a ‘bark first, ask questions later’ policy. She did pretty good though, she just needs to get out more. For the trip home we gave her extra dramamine, and she still threw up. Poor pup! But she was such a good sport about the whole thing.

Soon, another great long weekend in our Airstream was over. Everything in the trailer worked fine. It’s so nice that the trailer has finally gotten most of the bugs worked out. Once we got home it gave us a little trouble emptying the black tank, and the last night there we ran out of battery power, but all in all, it did really good, and like always, it was a comfortable place to call home base.


2 thoughts on “Memorial Weekend Camping – Day 2

  1. Oooh! I just adore your spud! It's so pretty and in such nice condition. Looks like a cozy home away from home, too. I'm not much into puzzles either, but it sounds like a great idea for a group and unlike typical board games, a fun, yet relaxed ice-breaker, too.
    Looks like the dogs were happy campers with their big yard to play in and chewies to gnaw on. Too bad about Navi. I wonder if someone makes special dog anti-nausea wristlets/anklets, like they do for humans? lol!

    I bet you can't wait to get back out and go camping again soon.


  2. She would need an anti-nausea collar 🙂

    My husband says the trailer is the best thing I ever talked him into. It is very comfy and cozy! It would be hard to go back to tenting after being spoiled by this!


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