Memorial Weekend Camping – Day 1

We arrived in beautiful Trout Lake, WA, at the foot of Mt..hey, where’s the mountain?

This is our annual Memorial Weekend trip to meet our Airstream friends. This time we had about 10 trailers, which is a smaller party than usual. A lot of people had to cancel at the last minute. 

Many of the regulars were there as usual, and brought instruments, because it just isn’t a party until the music starts up.

We got our little trailer setup, along with the new ‘dog yard’! This really worked brilliantly. The dogs enjoyed having space to hang out and watch the goings-on.

When we were just hanging out in the trailer, it made the trailer seem bigger because the dogs could be outside enjoying the sunshine.

The weather was kind of crazy. Storms kept blowing through, and it was one of the coldest visits we’ve had there! It’s been a late spring all over in the NW, and this place felt like it could have snowed at any time!

Dave wanted to snap a picture of me and Barclay in front of the mountain. I tried to smile, I don’t know why it looks like a grimace!

We spent downtime hanging out in the trailer until the storms passed.

When the sun came back out we took the dogs for a walk to see the stream where it crossed the main road. It was really high and roaring!

We got a glimpse of the mountain at last.


We cooked potato-dish for the potluck and then hung around the campfire, catching up with friends.

Even though it was cold, the mountain rewarded us with a pretty show at sunset.


3 thoughts on “Memorial Weekend Camping – Day 1

  1. Looks like a fun time despite the cold and stormy weather. That creek looks more like a raging river! Must be from all the crazy wet weather y'all have been getting.

    Your photos are awesome, especially the mountain! The shape of it sure looks very volcano-ish and also spooky with the snow. The dog set-up is way cool. And I enjoyed getting a glimpse inside your spud. Very nice!!



  2. The mountain is VERY volcano-ish 🙂 In fact there is lava rock in the campground, and it's spooky to know it came from that mountain. In fact there is lava rock all the way down to the Columbia River from an eruption thousands (or tens of thousands?) of years ago!


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