Mama hen hatched 8 chicks!

Eight new baby chicks, some yellow, some blue, and one looks kind of gold – how cute! Mama hen is possibly the meanest mama hen I’ve ever met – she growled at me just for daring to LOOK in the brooder box, and when I went to put a waterer in there the chicks could drink out of she puffed up and came after me! I think I’ll let her rejoin the flock, if anyone goes near her chicks she’ll kick their tailfeathers into the next county!

Meanwhile in the other box the chicks are all feathered out and looking pretty good. They are at the scraggly age. There’s also a couple roosters hidden in there.

Can you spot the baby rooster?

4 thoughts on “Mama hen hatched 8 chicks!

  1. lol! Yep I see the roo. It's cool that you've got so many chicks. Are you selling them this Spring or are they going back into the flock or egg production or for the freezer?

    That photo of Mama hen is awesome!

    My broody hen, the Japanese Silky is very protective, too, and will come after me, but in the flock she is outranked by some of the older hens who will come after her right back if she threatens to protect her chicks.



  2. No one is going to freezer camp at my house – we didn't care for the taste of the rooster we cooked this winter. I got the chicks because last winter we had no eggs, and neither did our friends and everyone was asking if I had any young hens to sell. So I figured if I was going to get 4-5 for myself, I might as well get 15 and sell the extra. It's as much trouble to raise 5 as 15! Then Mama hen went broody and added another 8 I wasn't planning on – well, having chicks around is so much fun, I don't mind a few extra!


  3. hehe! I hear ya.

    John thinks I'm crazy to order 25 chicks next month, but like you said it's just as easy to raise 5 as 15….or 5 as 25. And they grow up so fast, so it's not a long term commitment to raise chicks.

    Like you we've had friends ask us for eggs but we've barely had enough for ourselves. So I want to raise enough to have eggs for us and to sell. And I plan to sell some of the chicks as pullets…..if I can bear to let them go. lol!



  4. The best part is that if you can raise them up to be friendly you can ask more money for them. Last year I got $25 for the friendly ones you could just pick up and hold, and only $15 for the wilder ones – and they were only about 10 weeks old!

    Going price around here is $20 for a laying hen, I'm sure the city folks who want a 'pet' hen (they can only have 3 hens total) would gladly pay $30 for a super-tame one 🙂


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