Eye problems and fitness

My eyes are still healing up. The one that got scratched is getting much better. I can read with it now, just a bit of double vision left. The Dr said I might have to get a new prescription lens for that side, but it’s looking like it could be back to normal when it’s done healing up. The one that didn’t get scratched, but sent me to urgent care two weeks ago with sudden inexplicable pain, is all better. The doctor could not find anything wrong with it, and thought it might have been some sort of ‘sympathy pain’ – he said that happens sometimes. So that eye is not taking any medicine, but the eye doctor put the scratched eye on the steroid drops for the next two weeks. The steroid drops sting. Other than the steroid drops, I am using Thera Tears (replacement tears) in both eyes regularly.

Friday and Saturday night I woke up with stabbing pain in my scratched eye, a couple times on Saturday night, and the doctor thought this was related to dry eyes, or my sleeping with my eyes slightly open. So last night I had a hard time going to sleep, because I didn’t want the stabby eye pain to come back! I finally got to sleep, but woke up every hour or two and put Thera Tears in both eyes, and went back to sleep. So if you don’t count waking up 6 times a night, I got a good nights sleep, and no stabby eye pain, so that was good.

I’ll be so glad when this is all over! I just want things to be back to normal 😦

The stress of the eye problems and not sleeping good has been hard on my stomach, I’ve been feeling just sort of ‘off’ and stressed out. I had some really good exercise sessions this week, including a nice 3 mile walk at the park with Barclay on Sunday. At my weigh in today I’m down to 249 – into the 240s we go! As long as it keeps going down, I’ll be happy!


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