Our present to ourselves this year was a new Xbox 360 – something we have been waiting to get for a long time! It was well past time to retire the old xbox, and we are both videogame junkies given the opportunity – after all, we both grew up with Atari 2600 joysticks in our hands.

The new Xbox has some interesting twists though – the whole ‘Xbox Live’ thing is a new way of thinking about videogames. Being hooked up to the internet all the time, just like the other computers, makes for some interesting abilities old consoles didn’t have. We can watch streaming video over Netflix, or play games against other people far away. Those parts only work so-so, because our rural internet connection is not quite up to spec for intense gaming and streaming, but it works well enough. I decided to jump right in and check out some game demos, and found one I fell in love with immediately and had to download. Limbo.

The game is entirely in black and white. It’s not like any platform game I’ve ever played. It can be described as run, jump, push, pull, with occasional climbing and button pushing. Doesn’t sound very exciting, but the puzzles are incredible – real mind benders. None of the puzzles are the Mario type, where you have to memorize complex maneuvers and practice running the same thing over and over again until you get all your timing right – it’s not nearly as tedious as that! Things happen slower, and most of the time you have time to think before something kills you. Your little runner dies – a lot – and comes back ready for more. It’s just great fun. I was challenged by every puzzle, and delighted when I got through them. 

I can’t get over what an incredible little game this is. It only cost $15 and I got more entertainment value out of it than some games I’ve paid much more for, and that’s pretty unusual.


3 thoughts on “Limbo

  1. I'm not a big video gamer, because most games seem to be shoot-em-upm uber realistic types. I'm much more into simple/technical games like Limbo. I love mind puzzles, too! That looks like a very cool game!

    Is it also available on PS3?



  2. As far as I can tell it isn't available for PS3 yet, but there were rumors it was coming. It's made by a very small development team, so they might take a bit longer to get it out to other consoles.

    The only other comment I should make is that the deaths in the game are often comically grisly (in silhouette), but they did provide an option to turn off the gore.


  3. Thanks for letting me know. I hope it does come out on PS3 one day. I'd like to try it.

    I also trotted over here to reply to the comment you left on my blog:

    “Thanks Stef! I'm so glad you noticed the details of that photo of Jen with Jax in the background!You just made me laugh right out loud!
    Do you know what present he opened?

    A package of socks!!!

    Jax is such a character. He can make anything funny, that boy of mine. 😀


    ps I'd love a tree covered in chicken related ornaments, too!”


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