Happy Birthday Barclay!

About three years ago we went to a dog show to meet an American Eskimo breeder, just to talk about maybe thinking about getting a puppy sometime in the future. Instead she introduced us to a friend who had an extra puppy that someone had backed out on, and we ended up putting money down on him. A week or so later we brought home fluffy little Barclay. So it’s been three years of socializing, training, a lot of fun and a bit of hard work. When he was a baby he threw the most terrible tantrum in puppy class and the teacher sat down with us and held him until he gave up! That was just more incentive to keep working with him. He’s turned out to be all the dog I could hope for. He is sweet and gentle with humans, friendly and playful with other dogs, and although he chases the chickens when he can, he doesn’t really want to eat them, just to play! He’s not what I would call obedient, but he comes when I call him, most of the time, relatively quickly – for an eskimo. He makes me laugh all the time. Earlier this month he passed his therapy dog testing and earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate. 
They say everyone gets the dog they deserve, I’m flattered to think I deserve this. 
Happy Birthday, Barclay!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Barclay!

  1. Awwww! I loved this post. I often feel the same way with my Dobbie, because, just like you, except I walked into an Animal Shelter, just to talk to the folks there about how I was “maybe thinking about getting a puppy sometime in the future”.

    Isn't that how it always works? lol!
    Barclay is a wonderful dog!
    Happy Birthday!

    And I hope you all enjoyed a speial Christmas together.

    Happy New Year!


  2. Awe Happy Birthday to Barclay!!

    Speaking of birthday's, I think Navi's is January 12th. I wasn't sure if you saw that in her paperwork so I thought I would remind ya! 🙂

    How is she? Other than eating your camera cord. LOL



  3. Navi is doing great. She's at that lanky teenage phase, where she's trying new stuff and feeling more independent – not coming when we call, stuff like that. She's very sweet and fun and loves to play and wrestle. Drives us nuts with her energy sometimes, but that's just a sign it's time to play with her and wear her out a bit more!


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