Planting apple trees

We took advantage of the break in the weather today to plant some of our apple trees. The new orchard will be out in the front pasture, near the end of the driveway. I spent quite a bit of time hauling tools and waterhose out there (had to find the hose, untangle it, run it out there), and then Dave came out to help with the hard part.

As you can see, the dogs were a LOT of help!
 Dave and I shared hole-digging duty. Because our pasture is heavy clay, we have had problems with trees not growing well and surviving out there. The latest thing I’ve read is to dig a hole that is shallow and wide. This is supposed to break up soil to let the roots have a better chance of digging in. Also, it keeps the tree high up so nutrients can get to the roots easily. I’ll go back and mulch on top of the planting area.
It is tough digging out there! Five trees was enough to wear both of us out!
Just as we finished the storms rolled in and it rained the rest of the day.

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