Beautiful Day, chickens are loose

What a nice day! I let the chickens out to explore the yard. They seemed to really enjoy getting out into a new area. I’m sure it’s boring always being in the orchard.

I even opened the tractor and let mam hen and her chicks out. I had hoped this would help start to integrate the chicks into the flock, but instead mama hen ran off to terrorize the other hens, and the rooster had to break up a fight between her and one of the other hens who hadn’t been doing anything! Then she wandered away and completely ignored her babies while the teenage roosters went over and picked on them (probably because they are at the bottom of the flock, and were relieved to see someone who would be under them!). So I tossed the teenagers into the extra tractor. By evening all the chickens had gone to roost, including mama, leaving her chicks in the tractor to huddle up for the night alone. I think they’ll be fine, she’s just not as good a mama hen as some of the others I’ve had. She decided she was done with them, and has been trying to escape the tractor for the last few days.

The three blue/buff chicks are very pretty.

 This poor guy looks like he’s put together with spare parts! It will be interesting to see what he/she looks like all feathered out.

What a handsome roo!

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