Last night applesauce was on the shopping list, and since I’ve been taking the food preservation course I knew applesauce was not hard to make and can. Instead of buying processed applesauce (with high-fructose corn syrup – yuk) I bought a variety of Washington apples and made applesauce and canned it. I ended up with three quart jars to put in the pantry and one half jar for immediate use. And it tasted very good. I tried two recipes – one with brown sugar and extra cinnamon and nutmeg – one with white sugar and less cinnamon. They were both very good.

I also made natural peanut butter (trying to get away from the hydrogenated fats in store-bought), which is so easy I don’t know why we don’t do it all the time. Today I’m going to dry some pineapple and start marinating some beef for jerky. Although I had said that the jerky wasn’t worth the trouble, after I was out of homemade jerky and bought some from the store, I realized how much better the homemade stuff was. So I’ve changed my mind, it’s totally worth the trouble!

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