Funny sheep story

After the 4H meeting broke up, I was out checking the sheep water, and I noticed one of the sheep running around like mad. Then I saw she had snagged herself on a blackberry vine, which had come loose and was stuck to her butt, and she thought it was chasing her! So she charged around the field, getting all the other sheep’s attention, until the vine fell off. It lay in the middle of the field and the flock cautiously approached it, wanting to see what this scary monster was. I went back to filling the water bucket, chuckling about how silly sheep were, then I looked up to see the flock racing past, along with another sheep who had the vine stuck on her butt!!! I just about fell over laughing! Silly sheep!

3 thoughts on “Funny sheep story

  1. Oh and I almost forgot to tell you my own funny story. A couple weeks ago I was on a trail ride and a horse in front of me farted. Well it spooked him so bad that he jumped forward and snorted, turning around to look behind him…and look at us, as if we were the ones who did that fart to scare him. lol!

    Can you imagine that? A horse afraid of his own fart?



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