4H llama shearing party

Today we had the 4H llama club meeting at my house, and everyone brought their llamas. After a potluck and socializing, my neighbor Kelley came over and sheared the llamas. It was a good day, llamas got cleaned up for upcoming summer shows, and there were kids running all over our farm playing with dogs, harassing chickens (one ended up in the neighbor’s yard, apparently deciding that was a safer place to be until the kids were gone), and generally having a good time. Lots of fun!

 My old buddy Scoops was there. A polite gentleman, as always.
Kohl brought my old llama Patrone. He’s grown since I gave him away! Both of them, actually 🙂
Here Jamie takes a quiet moment to comfort her llama after the tension of shearing.
Funny face!
I gave the camera to the kids to take pictures of whatever they wanted, and I got back a picture of Kohl snuggling a chicken!

One thought on “4H llama shearing party

  1. Oh man! That is just so awesome! And the llamas looked so well behaved. Noone was spitting or kicking?
    Patrone is gorgeous!
    And there is something so endearing seeing a young man snuggling a chicken. Cute!



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