Fun with pictures

I had some fun this morning sitting outside with the dogs, watching the sheep, and taking pictures on this beautiful sunny morning

An airplane flying overhead. This guy kept doing laps around our neighborhood, fairly low despite how small he looks in the picture. I suspect he’s the picture guy. They take pictures of your property then come around a few weeks later and show you a framed and matted picture of your property and offer to sell it to you for an outrageous price. We refuse, of course, and I’m sure he gets back in his truck, slides the next house picture into the frame, and goes and knocks on their door. Perhaps he gets enough takers to make flying around the countryside taking pictures worthwhile, but I can’t imagine. We don’t get a lot of door-to-door out here (mostly the picture guy, the meat truck, Schwanns, and Jehovah’s Witnesses) but I thought that was a particularly odd gig.

I had to look out over the hills to find any clouds to take pictures of. I love the blue sky, white cloud, green trees in this shot. That’s the northwest in a nutshell.

This ewe huffed on my lens and fogged it up.

This is my ‘laying on the ground, looking up at a tree lit up by the morning sun’ shot. When was the last time you did that?

The Barker. After being removed from the sheep pasture – twice! He keeps finding places he can slip through the fence by going between the rails – despite his massive fluff, he can slip through a 6 inch gap in the rails. He’s like a cat, if his head fits through he can squeeze the rest through. I think I’m going to have to put wire fencing on the other side of the rail fence to keep him in the yard where I want him.

2 thoughts on “Fun with pictures

  1. Where I grew up, we had a guy who owned a tire place fly his plane over the town in the evenings.

    Attached to the plane was a loud speaker from which he would broadcast an English commercial for his place, a Spanish commercial and then play a section of Bill Haley's song “See You Later Alligator”.

    Over and over and over and over… every evening… all summer long…

    I'll take the picture guy. 🙂


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