5 week old Chicks

My chicks are around 5 weeks old now, and I guess they’d properly be called pullets (the girls) and cockerels (the boys).

They’re still cute, and they won’t hardly hold still for pictures!

They are getting more curious about me and the great outdoors. I have been sitting and hanging out with them recently, holding scratch for them and getting them to eat out of my hand, and with that they’ve been letting me touch them and finding out that’s ok too. I haven’t been able to spend as much time with them as I’d like, but I think being gentle and predictable has helped move me up the ‘trustworthy’ scale with them. The Buffs have been the most curious and outgoing – the cochins are a bit more reserved.

I hate to sell them but I don’t have room for them all, and that’s why I bought them – to make a little extra money. Unfortunately the ads on CL right now are full of people who bought chicks in March and are eager to get rid of them, and are selling them at bargan prices. I’ll hold on to these guys a little bit longer and sell them when they are ok to be outside full time. Hopefully to urban backyard chicken keepers who don’t have room to raise their own chicks, and just want layers ready-to-go.

Barclay is a lot of help!

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