New tires for the van

Last Thursday I drove the van into town to meet my husband at the theater and thought ‘boy this thing is riding like..uh..poorly’. Yes, that’s what I thought 😉 But when I got downtown and Dave and I walked around it, we didn’t see anything wrong. So I drove it a couple more days, and then Saturday I drove it to work, and walked back outside to get something out of it and saw this on the inside of the passenger side wheel!

Holy crow! I’ve never seen a tire do that!!! As you can see it doesn’t go all the way around, so you only see it if the van is parked just so. Well, actually…

This is what it looks like when you roll it over – it’s even bigger! I knew it was getting bald, in fact we were at the tire store on Wednesday and they pointed out that they were getting bald, but the tires we want to put on it had to come from the warehouse, and we can’t go without the van on a workday so we scheduled to have the new tires put on tomorrow. Just a week too late! Thank goodness this didn’t cause an accident. Tomorrow the van goes in for all new tires all around. Plus some suspension work, new shocks, oil change, etc, then we’ll be all ready for another summer of hauling toys and trailers around.

2 thoughts on “New tires for the van

  1. Yeah, that freaked me out! The dumb thing is last month we put new tires on Dave's car, because we thought his were worse than the vans – guess we should have done the van first, his were nowhere near this bad!


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