Dodge Stealth

Dave’s car is a 1993 Dodge Stealth, and for the last few months we’ve had a broken window regulator on the passenger side. When I first looked for a replacement part, it was around $170! So we wedged the window up and put up with it for a few months. After Christmas we decided to splurge, and found the part for around $100, so tonight I spent a fun evening installing it.

Installing the new part was no problem, but when I reassembled the door and put the door panel back on, I went to shut the door and thought – I should test the door locks. To my horror, they refused to lock! They would lock and immediately unlock again. Argh! I took the door panel back off and fought with a bit, thinking something was jamming it up, brought Dave out to help, and the solution seemed to be that it didn’t want to lock the doors with the key in the ignition and the doors open. Maybe it’s programmed to stop you from locking the keys in the car? Either way we eventually decided enough was enough, put it back together, and called it done!

3 thoughts on “Dodge Stealth

  1. Um… I'd been thinking over the past couple days, “Who do I know that works on cars?” And then I read this post. So I am going to “pull a Jaynie” and ask:

    I have a 1989 Buick Century. It has been giving me trouble starting it over the past year. But since Bryan and I don't really know anything about cars, and since it eventually starts and gets me where I need to go, we haven't even had it looked at. Any ideas?


  2. Well, Mer, at least it always starts 🙂 It is a carbureted or fuel injected car? It might just be a simple adjustment or maybe it needs it's injectors cleaned or something like that. It could even be a weak battery. If you need someone to look at it we have a really good mechanic up here in Battle Ground. They seem to be busy enough they aren't making up work, we've been really happy with how honest they are.


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