Pizza time!

It used to be we couldn’t have pizza unless we had a pre-made crust handy. However, I seem to have conquered that problem with recipes off the ‘net, and a little practice. Check out my home-made crust! Look at the lift on that thing! I’m so proud!

I used this recipe AllRecipes – Jay’s Signature Pizza Crust (I really like the AllRecipes site because people comment on the recipes and often they will give good tips.)

Last time I made it I used some yeast that had gotten old, and it didn’t get much lift. This time I used a fresh packet of yeast, and it really puffed up nicely. I got interrupted after I rolled it out and fitted it to the pan and it got a second rise before I got around to cooking it, but it was still light and chewy and very good! I had no idea pizza crust could be so easy! Why have I been relying on other people to make my pizzas all this time?

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