Trout Lake Campout

Every year our friends with Airstream trailers get together for a campout at Trout Lake. There’s no lake at Trout Lake, but there is a mountain, and a river running behind the campground. It is our top secret hideaway. I think it is paradise, the most beautiful place on Earth! Fields of grass lead up to miles of national forest land and wilderness area, all the way to the slopes of Mt Adams.

23 trailers and motorhomes gathered at camp. We weren’t going to go, but friends sent pictures of what it looked like there (we’ve been several times, so we already knew it was beautiful!) and emailed us to get our butts in the car and get up there! It’s only two hours away, and a very relaxed and pleasant drive. So we closed the store early on Sunday and drove over in time for dinner.

No point roughing it, so we hooked up the airstream and took it along. It’s nice to have a comfy bed and your own bathroom.

Barclay waded around in the water. We left Alki and Jack at home. Neither enjoys car rides anymore, and they could keep each other company.

Folks gathered around the campfire after dinner and played music until well into the night.

Hank appointed himself guardian of the marshmallows.

Dave and Barclay went to bed earlier than I did. Barclay had been playing with all the other dogs and was pretty tapped out by dark! I stayed up til 1am laughing and telling stories around the campfire.

Early in the morning Barclay had burrowed under the covers and kept our feet warm.

In the morning we packed up and hit the road home in time to open the store on Monday. Can’t wait to go back again, there’s never enough time to spend relaxing with friends around the campfire. Glad we got to escape for a little bit.

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