Lots and lots of llamas!

Today we had a 4H meeting at my house (since some of the llamas were already here). So people brought nine more llamas and alpacas, and we had quite a crowd!

Once everyone was there and settled down, they did a little show practice. After that we all headed off on a little hike. We walked across the street and about a hundred yards up the road to a trail entrance to the state park across the street. One of the leaders drove behind our group with her hazard lights on to keep traffic from coming up fast behind us. Once all the kids were on the trail she drove back and parked the car and came and joined up. Then we walked along the horse trail to group camp where we all stopped fo a rest.

There’s the llamas that used to live with me, Scoops and Patrone 🙂

Cameron gives a thumbs up to hiking with his new buddy, Julio!

The alpacas are oh so cute!

Along the way we met a horse, but the horse was very well behaved and the rider was in control, and we were able to move off to the side and the rider calmly took her past all the scary llamas safely.

Then we all hiked back home and had cookies and milk. It was a beautiful day for a hike!

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