One day later…

After only one day of work I went out and found the girls had done a pretty decent job of clearing the ground the coop was sititng on! They pretty much had it tromped down to mud. They even found time to leave me a couple eggs. Good girls!

Seeing how well they had done I grabbed the ropes on the end of the box and dragged it to the next spot all by my little self. Keep working girls!

3 thoughts on “One day later…

  1. I love this chicken coop! Might be a good way to “kill 2 birds with one stone” (yikes, did I say that!) I will expect a report at Area 33 on how well it is working!Can a critter turn the coop over and nab the chickens?


  2. Hi Claudia! I think it’s too heavy to turn over, but something could probably peel back the wire if they were determined. We haven’t had any problems with predators yet around here, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed!


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