A tired dog is a good dog!

Today we took barclay to the public dogpark in the afternoon. There was no one on the small dog side, but there were a couple nice older dogs on the big dog side, and their owner said they would be fine, and they greeted through the fence and seemed fine, so we took him over to the big dog side. They ran around and did great together, so that was good. Then another family showed up with kids and a young dog that was into fetching, and Barclay got to play with the kids and run around with that dog, and that was wearing him out pretty good. Then another family showed up with a young GSD that he has played with before, but last time she was on the big dog side and he was on the small dog side, and they just ran up and down the fenceline. She’s young, and a bit of a handful! They played chase and Barclay was loving that, running big circles, changing directions, zipping in and out, but of course she got a little too close and grabbed his tail and there was a big ‘yalp!’ out of Barclay. He was fine, but he ran back to us and hung out with the people. After that when he wanted to go play with her I’d call him back, and he’s getting really good at coming, even if there’s other dogs around, so that’s good. That GSD was just a bit too much dog for him! She has a bit of puppy rudeness still, and the other dogs didn’t mind putting her in her place when she got out of hand, but I didn’t want Barclay getting in the middle of that.

In the end he had a great time, all the dogs were nice, the people were nice, the kids had fun playing with him, and a fun time was had by all. And then when we came home he crashed and slept the rest of the evening 🙂

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