Homemade pizza

We were snowed in again today, but this time it wasn’t as annoying because instead of shutting our business down and costing us money, it was our day off anyway. So instead of running around and doing errands, we were forced to sit home and relax, and that was kind of nice.

So I made pizza. I have been wanting to experiment more with making doughs, it’s just hard to find the time. Earlier this week I made a quiche with a homemade pie dough, which wasn’t as hard as I was expecting. So I used a recipe in a Gordon Ramsey cookbook I had handy to make homemade pizza dough. Unfortunately it made enough for four pizzas! So I took the first round and did a test pizza with just plain cheese to see how it went. Pretty good, but needed a bit more flavor.

I took the second crust and roasted some garlic and brushed the top with the garlic and olive oil, and docked the dough so it wouldn’t blow up like a balloon. Still came out looking floury and pale. So I brushed a bit of butter on it and stuck it back in for a few minutes. Looked and smelled great when I pulled it out, so I went ahead and put all the fixin’s on for Dave’s favorite, Hawaiian.

I cooked it in Great-Grandma’s cast iron skillet. The story goes that the skillet came from Illinois to Oklahoma with Great-Grandma on a covered wagon back when she was a little girl. True, or just family legends? Who knows, all I know is when I was growing up that skillet was used for nearly every meal and hardly ever cooled off between cooking for family members on graveyard shift and swing shift. Makes me feel special to cook in it.

4 thoughts on “Homemade pizza

  1. Now just imagine Great Grandma eating a Hawaiian Pizza in the back of a covered wagon! 😀Hawaiian pizza is my most favorite pizza ever!People in New Mexico look at you like you’ve lost a few marbles when I mention it. And noone makes a Hawaiian pizza here.Oooh! You are so making me crave one right now. Yummo!~Lisaps, glad you were forced to rest and stay home. Think of me while you’re resting for one day….I’ve been doing it for 4+ weeks now. gah!


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