Another Casualty

When I was little I loved my Grandma’s wind up polar bear. I was only allowed to play with him gently, under supervision, and he was pretty threadbare back then even. A few years ago when my aunt passed away, we were cleaning up the house and discovered the polar bear still in Grandma’s dresser drawer where she had always kept it. No one had moved anything since she passed away almost 20 years before! I took him home and put him on a shelf in the front room

Yesterday Barclay had been naughty and running around the loveseat to hide from us, so I pushed the loveseat up against the shelves so he couldn’t get behind it. Later he noticed he could climb on the loveseat and reach the shelves, and the first thing he picked was the bear!


I’ll be so glad when Barclay gets done with his destructive-puppy phase.

5 thoughts on “Another Casualty

  1. In the second pic, it almost looks like a robo-dog. Every once in awhile one of the cats will get feisty and do something I really wish they wouldn’t. Like the Christmas tree… and the ornament… sigh….


  2. oh he is so sad looking now…I also lost a Christmas item to the dog this year–but it was a dog toy! lol! when I was a baby, apparently I liked a rubber, dog-toy Santa so much that my parents got it for me. It has always just sat up high as Christmas decor in my house—until this year, my son spied it and tossed it to the dog! I couldn’t even get mad because it WAS a dog toy (so good reason for my son to think the dog could have it!)thank goodness the dog didn’t choke on the 30+ year old rubber!


  3. Gasp! Barclay!!! I know, it’s sort of funny, but not. Molly has hidden one of my favourite Dansko clogs somewhere. One is by the front door, the other….who knows where. She found one of her wrapped Christmas gifts under the tree and opened it when we were out one day.


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