Christmas Surprise!

I couldn’t post about this earlier, because I didn’t want to risk spoiling the surprise. Scoops and Patrone are gone. They have moved just up the road to live with the boys who used them for 4H last year. The boys were so good with them, and enjoyed them so much their parents decided to surprise them by building an area for them at their house, and with the effort they put into that Martha and I were happy to give them Patrone and Scoops. It was an easy decision for me – I haven’t had the time to work with Patrone that I wanted to have, and I know the boys will, especially with them being at home instead of having to beg their mom to bring them to our house to work with the llamas. So I know they have not gone far, and I will be seeing them again soon. I was happy just to be part of such a wonderful surprise for the boys. I know what it would have meant to me if my parents had done something like that when I was a horse crazy kid.

For us this means I only have Houdini left, and he is back with the sheep and goats in the backyard, so we only have one paddock of animals to care for. I think that’s just enough work for now!

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