First egg!

It was strange day around the coop. Started out with the surprise addition of another rooster! This white guy is our neighbor’s rooster. I’ve heard him crowing and seen him down at their barn, which is quite a long ways away. A couple hundred feet anyway. But today he showed up and started hanging out with the wild chickens, I was a little worried he would convince them to follow him back to his own barn! So when I had a chance to get him away from them I let Barclay chase him, and he took off and FLEW over the fence and all the way to the neighbor’s woodpile which is probably 60 feet away – pretty good for a chicken!

Big Bird thinks he is all that now that he has a hen. He was even trying to scare me off by flapping his wings, which he tried a couple times and then thought better of. Good thing for him. I’ve handled Macaws, I’m not even slightly scared of a rooster, and I’m not afraid to tell him so!

I think she is just the most rediculous chicken I’ve ever seen! I love the pantaloons! Too funny!

And she left a surprise in the coop – our first egg! Too bad it got broken 😦 I’ll add more straw to the coop tomorrow. Of course it wouldn’t have broke if she’d layed it in the nest box, instead of on a bare spot on the coop floor!

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