A new hen!

I have been feeling bad for Big Bird, because the other chickens have their own clique, and ditch him every chance they get (they can fit through smaller fence holes than him). So I’ve been looking for a buff hen for him. Yesterday on CL I saw a free chicken, and from the picture she looked like a buff orp, so I emailed and said I’d love to have her. Score!

So today I went and met him and brought her home, and when I lifted her out of the box, I see she has these enormous feathered feet and a bustle!!

A friend set me straight, she’s a buff cochin! She’s as big as the rooster, and about the same color.

He ran right up to her and pecked her on the head! So I knocked him out of the way and put her in the pen, and left him outside.

The other chickens all wandered off exploring, but he didn’t leave the pen all afternoon!

So with evening approaching I went and got some food and let him into the pen, then scattered the food around so they could scratch for it. No pecking or fighting, they seem to get along just fine. And he looks proud as punch to have his own hen!

I’ll keep an eye on them to make sure they get along ok. The hen is super neat, you can even pick her up and pet her! What a great addition to the coop!

One thought on “A new hen!

  1. Anonymous

    now wait a minute, isnt’ SHE supposed to peck HIM on the head? bwahahahahahhaahaha… Maybe this “arranged marriage” will work… Hope so.


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