Garden update

We had our first fresh radishes out of the garden this week. Unfortunately, the slugs did too!

I have read that slugs won’t cross copper. So I got some old copper pipes and beat them flat and put them around the edge of the garden bed. Since I have been pulling out the slugs I find inside, hopefully this will prevent more from coming in.

Otherwise the garden is looking pretty healthy. Beets and carrots are starting to come up. I’ve planted a second group of radishes so I can keep those continuously producing, and I’ll do the same with carrots and beets and lettuce. Meanwhile the tomatoes inside the house are getting tired of being cooped up, and they enjoyed their little weekend outside while the weather was nice, but it’s turned cold again the last couple days. I might plant them in pots and let them stretch out their roots a bit then move them out in the next week or so.

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