Well, welcome home to the newest member of our extended family – Patrone the llama! He is a handsome young man with a brown butt and a blue eye!

Patrone came from the Raley’s Rockin R Llama farm. I’ve met his mom and dad, and they are both beautiful too. Patrone is the first livestock animal I have actually bought because I wanted him, as opposed to the sheep, goats, and Houdini the llama, who were all rescued from a friends pasture to save them from the coyotes, and once they settled in it just seemed like they should stay.

Today Patrone is getting used to Scoops and Houdini, and the sheep and goats, and noisy barking Eskimos – lots to get used to!

He is a young llama, and I’m hoping that he will enjoy going for hikes and seeing new things. He’s probably going to get some experience with 4H this year, if one of the new kids in our llama club needs a llama to use. I’d like him to eventually be a pack llama. He has a bit of growing to do yet, but it’s a great time for him to start learning.

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