Airstream Remodel (Part 2) – Dinette Seats

I started with the Dinette seat. They were going to be small, because they will butt up against the utility tunnel, and they will have drawers for storage. I followed Steve Ramsay’s Tablesaw Cart video because it was just what I needed, except mine was going to be even simpler. One big drawer. Or I thought it would be simpler. All the details actually got more complicated as I went along.

For one thing, things were complicated by it being so cold I had to bring everything into the house to glue up.

Super helpful, Mighty.

A little extra weight applied from the pantry.

I got a pocket hole jig which made assembly super easy.

And in no time I had two nice frames with drawers. Of course then the drawers tipped forward when you pulled them out too far, so a friend suggested rails at the top to keep them level, and then they needed to stay closed while on the road, so I added magnetic catches. I painstakingly stained them Bombay Mahogany, which I thought matched the deep reddish color in the trailer, but then I realized that the trailer was several different colors inside due to fixes done over the years. Well, now we are going with Bombay Mahogany.

Before staining I countersunk all the screws in the frame and filled the holes with a bit of oak dowel, just to hide the screw heads.

I added nice handles to kind of match what had been there before, and got them installed.

The final step was adding a piece that fit into the top for sitting on. Once that was in I could start test fitting the panels that will go over the utility tunnel.

But that is a story for next time.

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