Airstream Travel Stickers

I’m hoping we will be able to get the Airstream out for more trips this summer. We keep meaning to, and every year something seems to stop us. While camping at Deception Pass I got the idea of making a sticker wall for places we’d gone. I picked up a couple stickers there, and then I went on Etsy and found stickers for the other significant places we had visited in the trailer already. I placed them on a plexi sheet and riveted it to the inside skin of the door of the trailer. I also mounted my US Map of states visited down below.

I positioned them this way so they would be visible with the screen door fastened to the door, which is how we will see them inside the trailer.

I also wanted to be able to easily remove them and put them in another trailer if we ever upgrade, or just keep them as souvineers when our travelling days are over.

My favorite part is the (WA)nder sticker, which I just ran across and knew I needed to have, for all our trips around our home state. I hope over the next few years we can pack this thing full.

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