The Kayak Trailer

I love our big tandem Jackson DT Kayak. It is stable and fun whether it’s one or two of us using it, but it is HEAVY, weighing in around a hundred pounds. We have a set of Hullivators, which is a hydraulic lift setup that comes down on the side of the Flex to allow us to load it at about shoulder level, then the hydraulics help lift it up onto the roof. Still, it’s a dicey maneuver for two folks with old back injuries, and, I guess, old backs! Worse, there is no way to take it out by myself. I always have to have Dave help me launch it, and come pick me up.

So in my continuing effort to get out on the water easily, I finally located a single jetski trailer, and got it setup for the kayak. I’m hoping this will allow us to get it out more, easily launching and retrieving it without hurting ourselves. Of course, just like the last boat I bought and never used, I’m buying this at the end of the season so I probably won’t get to try it until next spring unless we get some spectacular November weather. Maybe. A couple years ago I spent the most wonderful fall day on Battle Ground Lake. Maybe I’ll get lucky yet this year.

So far, because of Covid, fishing being suspended, lockdown rules, and toxic algae at the local lakes, I have only got the kayak out ONCE this year! And they are talking about doing another lockdown because the covid numbers are getting worse. Might as well just write off 2020 and hope for a better 2021.

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